Financial Contributions to VFB

Volunteers For the Blind, Inc. (VFB) is a 501(c)3 organization which provides shopping assistants and readers for Fredericksburg City residents who are blind. Your tax deductible contribution to VFB could:

Enable a high school or college student to have a volunteer reader to assist him or her with printed and electronic information.

Help keep an infant safe by reading his or her parents instructions on jars of baby food or cans, boxes and bottles of formula.

Allow a person who is blind the dignity and responsibility of taking medication independently by reading him or her the doctor’s prescription.

Assist a person who is blind to compete for employment by helping him or her fill out a job application.

Support a homemaker who is blind by helping him or her shop for groceries.

Facilitate home management for a blind person by helping him or her pay bills (reading the bill, in some cases, writing the check, assembling all information correctly in the payment envelope).


VFB Has A Fund Raising Project

The organization is selling emergency survival kits.

You can contribute financially to VFB by:

Writing a check

Making a cash payment

Ordering one or more survival kits

You can also contribute to VFB by donating:

Equipment such as software or hardware

Supplies such as paper or printer cartridges

Assistance in areas including legal matters, marketing or designing attractive materials

Technology assistance

Please make checks payable to:

Volunteers for the Blind, Inc.
1101 Caroline Street
Suite 1
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Volunteers For the Blind, Inc., a charitable organization, is in compliance with the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions law. VFB’s financial statement is available, upon written request, from the Office of Consumer Affairs.

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