Volunteer Information Sheet

The purpose of these questions is to be as non-invasive as possible but, at the same time, provide adequate information to help determine the best possible match for everyone involved. Answering “no” to something you cannot, or are unwilling to, do will not remove you from consideration for a volunteer assignment.

The only exception is the insurance issue for volunteers interested in providing transportation to and from stores. Full coverage for all passengers in the vehicle is an absolute requirement.

All volunteers under 18, whether they are interested in reading, shopping or both, must have consent from their parents or guardians. This consent must indicate whether the person under 18 has permission to drive, and whether he or she has permission to assist a person at home. Without this consent, volunteers under 18 will be assigned to read for people in public places such as one of the Fredericksburg City libraries.

Contact Information

Below are several communication methods. Please indicate the methods, in order of preference, you want VFB to use to contact you. For each method you consider acceptable, please provide contact information.
Contact Numbers Times Most Convenient To Receive Calls

In case it is necessary to cancel or reschedule a visit what are the earliest and latest times you may be contacted and by what means?


VFB is interested in recruiting individuals willing to volunteer two hours per visit. What are your preferred hours and days of availability?
Day of the week: Time:







Allergies and Other Physical/Medical Concerns

These questions are to prevent VFB from inadvertently placing you in a health or life threatening situation. Check all that apply.

Are you allergic to:

Are you willing to assist a person whose living area contains:
Household occupants:

Other Concerns

Do you have a preference for being matched with a:


Frequently, the best matches result when both individuals have common interests.
Would you like to volunteer to:
If you are interested in reading:
Are you willing to help someone:
What materials are you unwilling to read:

Information for Shopping Volunteers


Are you willing to help someone shop for:

Other Possible Requests


References and Referrals

People who are blind, especially those living alone, are considered a vulnerable population. Therefore, VFB requires references.

Please provide names of, and contact information for, five people who know you well enough, and are willing, to give you a meaningful reference.

Questions will be asked about your reliability, honesty, discretion, patience, kindness and ability to handle the assignment VFB is considering for you.

Name Telephone Number


By clicking the Submit button below, I give VFB permission to contact the references I have listed above.

For those applicants under the age of 18, you must complete the Word document form. Do NOT use this online form since you need parent or legal guardian permission to serve as a volunteer.


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